The Airing of Grievances
Monday, November 08, 2004
Filling The Void
Looking back, it's pretty incredible how much material the election created for us, even though this wasn't initially intended to be a blog predominantly weighted towards politics. It became just that and, since the process was organic and it was what we all needed to talk about, I didn't and won't fight it. Since Tuesday, I have spent a fair bit of time thinking about what direction I want to go now that the election is over (by the way, kudos to Jackie and Cozmo for filling in the blanks during the downtime).

Following the lead of 51% of my fellow Americans, I think I'm going to go the "more of the same" route. Fact is, I care more about politics now than I do sports, television, music, or any of the other topics we talk about. Prevalent in my thoughts since Wednesday, thoughts that I will expand upon as this site grows and my thinking becomes more refined, is the notion that one of both of the two following "big" ideas needs to come to fruition in order to improve our choices in the political arena:

1) The Democratic Party needs to be destroyed in order to save itself. By destroyed, I don't mean dismantled or a dramatic change in platform, but rather an evisceration of the hindrances to its success. In other words, the talk of Hillary or Edwards in 2008 needs to end now.

2) A viable third party with a fiscally conservative, socially progressive platform needs to hit the ground running in preparation for the mid-term (note: NOT presidential) elections.

More to come.

In the mean time, Jackie's last post got me surfing around the New Republic's site, where I stumbled upon this article on the myth of the mandate. Subscribe for free and check it out.
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