The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, November 11, 2004
Dumbing it Down: Not for the Kid
With each new article taking not so veiled shots at the intellect and lifestyle of certain red staters, I keep hearing how Democrats are scoring points for the Republicans. How if Democrats keep up the whole "we're smarter than them" routine, they'll be doomed to second place forever. Well you know what? I really don't agree. If someone's going to be so put off by a bunch of columnists, pundits or comedians taking a few shots at stuff that is certainly shot-worthy, that it would cause that person to never vote for a Democrat, well, I really think such a low level person is beyond reaching.

Honestly, I find the whole idea that the dems have to dumb it down to reach certain red staters, to be a very big crock of shit. First of all, it's not like Bush won this thing going away. Far from it. Second of all, whether or not he really won in 2000 it was pretty damn close. Third of all, we won the two before that and there was zero doubt about the fact that we won. And now, all of a sudden, because Bush arguably wins a couple squeakers against two pretty much atrocious candidates (can you give me a little charsima please?), we're going to give up acting as witty rationale beings, because it offends some folks who are gonna vote Republican no matter what you do? And don't give me this stuff that we're losing the folks on the fence. If someone is thoughtful enough to be on the fence, they're thoughtful enough to appreciate (or at least not be offended by) rationale arguments tinged with a bit of sarcasm. They won't have the stupid guy's chip on the shoulder and take things personally. Ya know, we're laughing with you. Not at you.

Honestly, I feel like I'm hanging around with a bunch of pansies that have a fit if you say a bad word about another. "You know what, that guy really is an asshole. You hear how he did his boy." "Oh, stop talking about people. It's so not nice. I don't engage in saying bad things about people. If that's what you're gonna do ...." "Well, you know what then? Go fuck yourself. 'Cause I'll tell ya what. If folks do some stupid shit that warrants talking about, and if the talking about results in conversation about what an asshole dude is, then I'm talking about what an asshole he is. If you're feelings are hurt by that, I can't help you. Get lost."

The truth of the matter, NewsFlash, is that not all red staters are morons. As I've stated here before, I know hordes of incredibly bright people who vote Republican. All of these folks, are more than up for the intellectual exchange of ideas that may just include a couple of barbs here and there to keep things fun and keep everyone sharp. And it's folks like that, folks that actually have a mind of their own, who are the type of folks you just may have a chance at getting to cross the aisle. As for the others, those folks that are so far gone, that a little rationally based wit and sarcasm gets their panties all up in a bunch, well, I say fuck 'em. I know, I know, "Well, if you're gonna be divisive like that, you're always gonna lose." Bullshit. As I already said, we barely lost these last couple of times, and without a whole bunch of nothing-to-with-voters-shenanigans we clearly would have won in 2000. And the more and more we hear about this election, and this Diebold ridiculousness (thanks, Unknown), the more and more it seems like that just may have been the case this year too. Yes, we lost. Yes, it's over. Yes, I've accepted that. But please don't give me this nonsense that we have to start making all the concessions and that other side can just go about their business with their blatantly divisive and intolerant ways. That really is a load of horsecrap. And, if that's not the general democratic consensus, and this dumbing down business is going to be the plan, then I, for one, will be jumping ship with a swiftness. That shit is dead. Period.
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