The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Desperate Housewives

This show is absolutely on fire. Twenty-seven million tuned in this Sunday. Sure that little Monday Night Football skit didn't hurt none. Anyways, thought it was fine time to continue the nice chatter we had going following our initial Housewives post. Sure Griever Geep is happy to see a couple of more black characters getting some camera time. So, so far we have a street hooker, a hitman and tile delivery guy. Wonderful. You would think they could at least hit us up with a friendly housekeeper or a wise nanny or something. I'm beginning to get concerned here.

In any event, Mrs. Huber catching it was incredibly predictable. Bree's son epitomizes everything wrong with the teenage entitled surbabanite. I mean really, how bad do you want to crack that kid? And nothwithstanding all of her super-hotness, I'm really beginning to despise Gabrielle. An incredibly selfish little vixen she is. But, she escapes the b-word for the "My uterus is not for negotiation" line. Classic. By the way, nice touch seeing the Van De Kamps being made uncomfortable by another family's bickering after Bree's "He cries after he ejaculates" bombshell at the dinner party. Glad they've moved on from Lynette's little addiction. She was looking Rough. Tough to look at. And nice to see that Mark really did love Mary Alice. As for the ending of this week's episode, Pheeenomenal. Let's just say Mike is a very, and I mean very, lucky man. So, Grievers, there are plot twists galore to discuss. Whaddya y'all think?

PS: Boston Legal is pretty tight too. Alan Shore is Da Man. Carries the show.
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