The Airing of Grievances
Monday, November 08, 2004
Desperate Housewives
Anyone else checking out the women of Wisteria Lane? I have been and I'm loving it. Every scene brings a little something to the table and the plot moves along very nicely. There's also a nice dose of the elements that made "American Beauty" and "Blue Velvet" such phenomenal movies. The whole "things are not as nice as they appear to be in the burbs" deal. Very entertaining show. Here's a little rundown of the main players and some thoughts:

Zack Young and his dad Mark clearly have some disturbing stuff going on. Zack's mother, and Mark's wife, Mary Alice, allegedly shot herself in the head. The women of Wisteria are incredibly eager to figure out why their good friend, who on the surface was so very happy, would take her on life. Unfortunately, they really don't have any ideas and Mark refuses to give a straight answer to any questions concerning his deceased wife. And he's downright indignant about it. Clearly hiding stuff. Trunks in rivers? Lying that Zack had been sent to relatives? Deflecting questions with aggresive nasty non-answers ("How did your lip get like that, Mark?" "The usual way, Susan. Asking too many questions.") As for Zack, he told Bree he did something that related to his mother's death? What was it? And, what about the mental institution? The repressed memories? The cracking his pops in the mouth (surprising, thought that deal was cutting the other way)? What of his dad wanting Zack's memories to stay repressed? In order to ensure they do, he'll apparently let Zack be drugged forever. Wonder what those memories are?

Bree Van De Kamp is a solid piece of work. Her obsession with order and neatness definitely spices things up. Her line at the dinner table: "Oh, I have a secret about Steven. Do you know he cries after he ejaculates." High comedy. Her tracking down her son in the strip club was pretty funny too. And you certainly can not leave out this classic: "Oh, I don't worry about Danielle and John [her teenage children], they're in the abstinence club." The going for the steak and cheese during sex tonight was a bit much, but I do think Steven overreacted. Work with her dude. I mean she did look damn good and she was trying. Cut her a little slack. She might even of hit you off with some brain. Anyways, thing is, I'm just waiting for that crazy nasty bitch that Bree played in Melrose to come out. It's right there on the surface waiting to pounce. Wonder when it will. Think she still has the scar?

Gabrielle Solis is quite frankly the bomb. How attractive is she? Gracious. Wish I could've gotten me some of that when I was in high school. Actually I wish, er, well ..... Anyway, liked tonight when she said to Terri Hatcher "if they're not staring at me I notice." You gotta love brutally honest on point stuff like that. Also was a nice little ruse she played on her mom-in-law today -- the department store one, not the casino one(which has already come back to bite her in that fantabulous ass.) Anyways, I'm actually hoping that Gabrielle and John the lawn boy don't get caught. 'Cause if they do, things are gonna be very ugly. Despite his tears tonight, her husband, Carlos, looks like he don't play. 'Member when he mistakenly beat up the gay guy? In fact, both he and the mother have essentially threatened Gabrielle's life if she strays. Not going to be pretty. Guaranteed to be uncomfortable t.v.

Lynette Scavo and her crazy twins are entertaining too. The ploy she pulled to get the boys into private school was brilliant. And I absolutely loved the way she took down that uptight bitch on tonight's show. "I guess I have enough authority to speak now." Excellent stuff. It's also always cool to see Lynette putting Bree in her place or just looking at her like she's crazy. She also manipulates here husband brilliantly. Calling him out on his "the bizness trips make me tired" by breaking out the party pics. The cookies before she left the kids with him. The little deal today with home schooling. A very wise woman. My favorite character.

Susan Mayer is just oh so sweet and vulnerable. You just really want her to win. Loved the way she pulled the plug on the cop like that. He was a dick and he needed to go. Well done. Also loved the way she moved in on Mike and kicked Edie (a very nice piece of ass is all I have to say there) to the curb. Nice moment too when she buried the hatchet with her ex-husband's current floosy. You also can't talk Susan without mentioning her daughter, Julie. The way she stepped up for moms and called out Edie when they were having dinner at Mike's house was awesome. Julie just might be my second favorite character. "Mom, we're going to have to discuss your parenting skills."

And then there's Mike Delfino, seems like the All-American Guy. The sweet next door neighbor who still loves his dead wife and even cares for her dog as if it were his own. Quick with wit. Laid back. Cooks. Can fix things. But we know enough to clearly conclude that the "things are not always as they appear be" deal applies strongly in Mike's case. Even he says, "My life's complicated." Anyway, when he met up with the warden from Shawshawk, I was like shit, this dude is a helluva lot more evil then they're letting on. I mean, in just about everything he's in that warden is an incredibly evil bastard. The woman from Wisteria Lane besta watch their backs!

A few lingering questions (on top of those already raised concerning Zack and his dad). What exactly are Mike and the warden doing with the pipes? What kind of harm do they intend to bring to the folks of Wisteria Lane that has Mike saying "you don't want to do this, these are nice people"? In short, what is their master plan? Will Mike go through with it? Or does the warden have something on him that gurantees his cooperation? How does Gloria get busted? Will the lawn boy be killed? Will Gloria? Will Bree's marriage be saved? Will she end up boning the counselor? Will she re-introduce us to the psycho-bitch from Melrose? And how about Lynette? How much longer can she deal with those crazy boys? And how much shit is her wit, cynicism and very little filter gonna get her into with uptight vanilla crew from the new school? What's gonna happen with Mike and Susan? When does Susan find out that Mike is not the man she thinks he is? Does he tell her or does she find out separately? What will be the fall out? And most of all, there's Mary Alice. What's the letter about? Did she really kill herself? If so, why? Or did someone else do the deed? Again, why? Just lots, lots, and lots of intriguing questions. I, for one, will definitely be watching until we get the answers.

Desperate Housewives. Fantastic show.
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