The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
No other way to describe it. Never felt so defeated in my life. How this guy won is completely beyond me. Political leanings aside, it simply amazes me that folks fail to recognize how utterly incompetent and limited our president is. Just incredible. And, more accurately, incredibly sad.

I mean really, how could this happen? How? I just don't get it. Are people really that fucking stupid? And before anyone goes crazy, I'm not attacking everyone who voted for Bush. Not at all. In all honesty, I know a good deal of bright-minded folks who voted for the president. And while I strongly disagree with their votes, I can at least respect them. Why? Because for the most part, each of them will readily admit that Bush is a joke. Their votes were based on well thought out political (or financial) positions and, as such, are not really cast for him, but rather for the Republican party. Fair enough. Doesn't drive me nuts. What does drive me nuts though, fucking batty in fact, is the horde of brainless zombies who blindly follow Bush simply because he waves a flag, bangs on a bible, bombs brown people and claims to be "pro-life" (even though he actively supports the execution of grown human beings.) It's that class of folks, "them", who make me want to vomit. Just simple-minded dim-witted schmucks.

But you know what the worst part is? The part that the has me feeling worthless? The part that has me feeling helpless? The part that has me this closing to saying to fuck with it all? Well, the worst part is that "they" just kicked our ass. Again. No two ways about it. "They" won. "We" lost. Show's over.

Color me depressed. Very.
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