The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Cozmo's Election Night Ramblings
It's 2AM, and I have watched about 6 straight hours of talking heads talk about nothing of real tangible value. Although it is not a done deal and the electorate will learn all about a new civics term, "Provisional Ballots," over the next couple of days, we can start to take a look around at the results. Hell, Jim Lehrer just called it quits, but Cozmo is still hard at work giving the Grievers their due.

- Most importantly, this has been a great day for democracy (little "d"). From initial data, it looks like almost 120 million people have voted in this presidential election, many voting for the first time, under sub-optimal conditions. It's a proud day to be an American, no matter the outcome.

- There is only one word that comes to mind when you think of the performance by the GOP nationwide tonight. It pains me to say it, but that word is Asskickin'.

Leaving the Ohio Question to the side for now, look at what has happened in the election as far was we can tell. Bush put the smack down on Kerry. It is looking now like he has won the first majority vote since his father did it back in 1988. That's 4 elections. Hell, Bill Clinton never was able to get that kind of endorsement. It's also pretty clear that the GOP put some serious meat on the bones of its majority in the House and Senate. Hell, the Senate minority leader Tom Daschle was actually dropped. TERRIBLE move by SD (for reasons that have nothing to do with the candidates themselves - I can get into more detail on later this week). At least The Democrats beat Pete Coors. (Mock Cheer) But all this speaks to a party in crisis. Even with all the fervor in this election, the record turnouts and new voters, the Dems have lost some serious ground in the eyes of the majority of this nation.

- I can't wait for the Barak Obama era to begin. I just kept thinking tonight "I hope this guy doesn't F it up...I hope this guy doesn't F it up...I hope this guy doesn't F it up..." Obama is a guy who can drive a paradigm shift in national politics - Like Reagan, Like Kennedy. You read it here first.

- Why do the red states scare me? I don't think I can ever move anywhere in this country that is not NYC, Chi-Town or San Fran. I would be considered a flaming liberal for having denied St. George of Crawford.

- More on Ohio: Saw the Republican Secretary of State for Ohio on ABC news at around midnight. I do have faith that things are getting done there best to make sure that the election counting is as fair as possible. With all the attention at the ground level, any egregious improprieties would have come to light by now. I may be naive at this point, but I think that of any state, the country is in good hands in Ohio.

- Like Frank, I'm sure glad this didn't come down to Florida again. Even after four years of working to fix their system, I have no faith that there would be justice if we had to go through "America's Wang".

- The one thing that I am totally shocked about is this - The way the numbers are playing out, about 60 million of my fellow Americans voted to approve Bush's job performance. 60 MILLION!?!?! What are grounds for getting fired these days, because I need to know...Screwing up the war in Iraq beyond recognition? Spending our country into the ground? Not catching Osama Bin Ladin an Al Zawairi? His miserable, studdering performance in the debates? Even as a self professed conservative, the choice was pretty clear to me. I mean, what are these 60 million people seeing that I am missing, and do I have to love Jebus to see it? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills again.

- Is Brit Hume actually human? He doesn't look it to me - just all lips and glasses and blue eyes. Maybe it's because it's 2AM.

- I shudder to think what Bush will do with the leash off over the next 4 years. We can't be too far away from this:

Can we?

- Exit pollsters, GFY.

- Bad day for Gays in Mississippi. The gay marriage ban passed by a 6-1 margin. Ouch.

- Karl Rove, love him or hate him (HATE HIM!!!), is a genius. Everybody, I mean everybody, predicted with the voter turnout that we are having in the swing states would lead to a Kerry victory party with the Boss, but Rovey scared the ever-livin' shit out of the rural counties in those same swing states and has given the GOP more then they could have ever dreamed about, a resounding popular vote victory and a sizeable up tick in statewide elections (see my Asskickin' comment above).

- Things to feel good about over the next 4 years - 1. My taxes probably will not go up. 2. I am too old for the draft. 3. I won't have to look at John Edwards smarmy grin on a daily basis. 4. Rampant inflation rates kill the NYC real estate market, allowing me to go long on Tribeca real estate.

Finally, thanks for being there for the AofG through the election. I agree with Frank. Although you may not believe it, my work has been killing me lately, so the AofG has been a labor of love. All y'all who check in regularly and talkback in the comments make it more than worthwhile. Thank you.

Check back with the AofG later this week to get a more through rehashing of all the issues in play tonight. I'm sure there will be a ton to talk about. Peace out.
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