The Airing of Grievances
Friday, November 12, 2004
Beyond The Pale
University of Tennessee law school professor Glenn Reynolds, known in the blogosphere as Instapundit, is promoting the t-shirt pictured here. Here's what the racist prick and one of his cronies have to say about the shirts.
"Got my shirt, and love it. Perhaps I'll wear it to a faculty meeting..." - Professor Glenn Reynolds

"ThoseShirts.com has not only some of the highest quality shirts I've ever seen, but they also deflect bullets, give you super strength, and ward off monkeys. I hate monkeys." - Frank J. of IMAO
As Steven Gilliard notes, the blatant racism here is utterly appalling. The slogan choice -- Celebrate Diversity -- a clear shot at affirmative action. The pan-African colors -- red, black and green -- not very subtle. The reference (by Frank J.) to warding off hated monkeys about as crystal clear as you can get. The inescapable suggestion is that Reynolds is promoting a diverse set of firearms to kill off black folks. Just some sick racist shit. Jim Crow would be proud, friggin' ecstatic in fact. That the University of Tennessee Law School continues to employ this prick is nothing short of digraceful. Unfuckingbelievable.

As Kill Nordy pointed out in the Comments, the Celebrate Diversity shirt that Reynolds is pictured wearing does not contain the Pan-African colors.
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