The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, November 18, 2004
Another Blow For The Reality Based Community

Although the "moralily" and "family values" discussions coming out of Washington are dominating the airwaves, another trend coming out of nearby Langley, VA is causing Cozmo to lose sleep at night.

Ex-GOP congressman-turned agency head, Peter Goss has been GUTTING the CIA from the top down over the past few weeks. Now, as somebody who fixes broken organizations for a living, I can tell you that you can't make lemonade without first shaking up the jug, but the stories coming out of Langley make me think that this is something just a little more dangerous than pruning some low-hanging fruit. It smells closer to a partisan purge of the CIA. If there is something more dangerous to a broken organization than continued interita moving down the wrong path, it is the inability of that organization to face hard facts about its position. I am not hopeful that an administration that has insulated itself from factual thinking about international relations in favor of dogmatic goals based on broad themes of conduct is "purging" the CIA for the factual basis of the information it provides. I fear that the Bush administration will be looking for the information coming from the CIA solely to support its pre-determined positions as opposed to reporting the "facts on the ground" as they are, regardless of how they fit the administration's agenda.

As Rob Choudry from The Daily Show quipped yesterday, "Now information from the White House will come in pre-misinterpreted."

Decide for yourself, though. Check out this article from Salon.com, linked in its entirety on Truthout.org yesterday.
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