The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Addition to Frank's comments, check this out. I was looking for a quote of John Ashcorft saying that dancing was evil and found this:
A four minute video of Ashcorft singing a song from his own pen called "Let The Mighty Eagle Soar"

It's bad, i mean real bad. Worse when you realize he just broke into this song after adressing a theological seminary.

The song contains all of the hallmarks of something Ashcroft would write.
Jingoistic? (Check)
Pompous? (Check,Check)
Fear references? (Check)
Bizarre references to the superiority of Christianity? (Check)

You might call John Ashcroft the teetotaling, Pentacostal Woody Guthrie. Then again, you probably won't
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