The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Tracking Polls 10/26/04
Every day, three good tracking polls and an electoral vote counter are released, all of which have been alluded to in posts and comments in the last 24 hours. They are:

electoral-vote.com - release time varies, usually early in the morning
Reuters/Zogby - released around 8:00am
Rasmussen Reports - released at 12:00pm
ABC News/Washington Post - released 5:00pm

To further my obsessive devotion to reading polls, for the next week, I'll be throwing them up on AofG as soon after 5:00pm as they're available. Rather than have a scatter shot dialogue from post to post, this should also be a good forum for Comments on the day's movements. For ABC News/WaPo, I'll use the likely voter survey, rather than registered voters. Here are today's:

Zogby: Bush 49, Kerry 46, Undecided 3
Rasmussen: Bush 47.8%, Kerry 47.8%, Other 1.5%, Not Sure 2.9%
WaPo: Bush 48, Kerry 50, Nader 1
Electoral Vote: Bush 285, Kerry 247

Come to think of it, since the numbers probably won't move that much, this is probably a meaningless indulgence. Oh well...
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