The Airing of Grievances
Friday, October 22, 2004
Totally Unacceptable
As many of you have likely heard, a 21-year college student was killed during the post-game celebration of the Red Sox win against the Chokers the other night. She was shot in the eye by a (designed to be non-lethal) projectile fired by the police in an effort to control the riotous crowd.

Anyways, take a look how the Boston Herald chose to report the story on today's front page. I mean there's poor taste, there's piss poor taste, there's way fucked up taste, and there's that. Disgraceful. (Update: Apparently the link the the front page is no longer good -- probably a good thing. The color photo showed the woman lying on the ground, bleeding from her nose and left eye.)

(Thanks to AofG regular and Sports Frog legend Aaron for the heads up.)

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