The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Thoughts On Game 6

In my frazzled haze, here a few thoughts that I've had today:

- During the 51 hour period that began with the start of Game 3 at 8pm Saturday, ending with the completion of Game 5 at 11pm last night, the Yankees and Red Sox played just over 15 hours worth of baseball. They played 35 innings, almost an extra game's worth. No wonder I keep falling asleep on the subway.

- This is obvious, but once the Yanks make the World Series, Esteban Loaiza has to have a bigger role. A role that includes locking Tom Gordon and Paul Quantrill in a batting cage.

- Could somebody keep Giambi out of the dugout? Please? The once-a-game cutaways on Fox, not to mention the perpetual "I'm about to get shot" expression on his mug are killing me.

- I've said elsewhere that Game 2 saw the '99 Pedro against the '99 Yankees, when it came to the match-up of style and abilities. Game 3's offensive explosion was reminiscent of something the '98 Yankee squad could pull off. Well, the '03 Yankees have been showing up the past two games and that has to stop if they want to avoid embarassing themselves. 18 runners stranded last night? 18?!? The last two nights have been the 2003 World Series all over again, with everyone pressing in big situations, taking massive cuts at crappy pitches and no one, one Jeter at bat excepted, able to get the timely hit.

- I really hope it keeps raining, because I need a night off. I've said this to friends already, but I'll say it here: once the postseason and election are over, I'll be blogging from The Water Club for a week.

- Finally, the dream storyline for tonight for Red Sox fans seems to be that Schilling can come in, Willis Reed-style, and throw lights out and force a Game 7. I'm not saying that won't happen. But I'd like to make sure every Sox fan who reads this blog hears this: no blaming Francona if Schilling gets shelled. You wanted it to work out this way. No second-guessing. The reality that maybe it's not a good idea to bet your season on a guy with a heavily doctored ankle that will require major surgery is not allowed to dawn on you tomorrow.
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