The Airing of Grievances
Monday, October 25, 2004
Stunning Incompetence
This missing explosives story. that's in all the papers and on all the blogs today is, well, explosive. If the Kerry campaign can't find a way to paint this as a hallmark example of Bush Administration incompetence, they really don't deserve to win. A few facts, if you don't feel like reading the article:

- We have known of this munitions cache's existence since 1991

- 380 tons are missing. Tons. 40 trucks worth. Or, enough explosives to keep the population of Al Qaeda, ex-Baathists, insurgents, dead-enders, suiciders, or whatever other name Bush administration types want to use to describe the ever-growing circle of people who hate us happy for years to come.

- These explosives are probably being used to kill our troops.

- Our own National Security Advisor didn't know about the missing weapons until last month. Apparently, she's too busy campaiging.

- These explosives can be used to detonate nuclear weapons. The next time Dick Cheney tries to scare the shit out of you by talking about the threat of a nuclear device destroying an American city, know that the bumbling of his co-workers increased the likelihood of such devastation.

That's it, it's that simple. Fortunately, Joe Lockhart is on the case for the good guys.
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