The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Smoking Gun Classics
My buddy "Encyclopedia" just sent along these goodies. Excellent stuff. Thanks, dude. Here's what we have:

1) A just released three-page handwritten letter from Kobe's accuser to a state investigator which sheds some light on a "degrading comment" Bryant allegedly made to the woman.

2) Report involving Jamie Foxx, naked pictures and the alleged beatdown of some dude who found the pictures in Jamie's trash.

3) Kobe's police interview transcript. Some golden nuggets in here. Things start getting interesting at around page 14:

Detective: Well there's always pre-ejaculation are you aware of that?

Bryant: Are you kidding me?

Detective: I'm not kidding you, it's, they teach you that in 7th grade sex ed.
From there, it's pretty much on. Notwithstanding the $4 million rock and all, how his wife could read through that stuff and stay with him is beyond me. Anyways, enjoy.

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