The Airing of Grievances
Friday, October 15, 2004
A Really Nice Gesture

It stuff like this that restores my faith in the human race. So, I'm rushing back to my office from a meeting, carrying loads of crap and hustling to make it to the subway. Got another meeting that I absolutely can not be late for. It's pouring outside, I'm drenched, almost slip and bust my ass on the subway stairs. Mind you, it's damn near rush hour and the land down under is nothing short of sheer chaos. So, I get to the turnstile, fumbling my stuff and desperately trying to locate my metro card. Got it. Yes! Gonna make that train. Swipe. Whadda I get? The dreaded "insufficient fare." Fuck! So, I start fumbling for another card, the natives behind me are beyond restless and some dude who just exited taps me on the shoulder, swipes his card and says "go ahead." Warmed my heart. Really, it did.

So, in the very off chance that the kind soul who helped me out is reading, I just wanted to say thanks. So, thank you kind soul. Here's hoping that some similar goodness finds its way to you.

-- The Guy From The Penn Station Turnstile
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