The Airing of Grievances
Monday, October 11, 2004
Ominous Words From Rove
Considering Karl Rove's history of incredibly dirty pool, including floating rumors that a democratic opponent in Alabama was a pedophile (when the man was in fact a child's rights activist), statements like this have to worry Kerry supporters:

"[W]e've got a couple of surprises that we intend to spring." – Karl Rove
Of course, the most obvious potential non-smear surprise is that Osama will suddenly be "captured." However, I don't think that the we have him and even if we do, and the the news is sprung, I don't envision the surprises ending there. What I do envision is Rove underneath a man-hole with the rest of the rodents looking to drum up the dirtiest of (bull)shit on Kerry. Probably drinking himself a sewage shake right now. Don't even want to speculate on this one, but it sure sounds, unsurprisingly, like things are going to get real nasty down the stretch.

(A nod to Josh Marshall for the heads up on this. Check out his typically tight-ass post on Rove and the mess in Alabama here.)

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