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Friday, October 08, 2004
No Mullah Left Behind
Tom Friedman is back from sabbatical, and he's scratchin' me right where I itch on Buch/Cheney war on terror doublespeak.

I love that Friedman credibly attacks the administration from the right on it's foreign policy. His basic argument is that solving the puzzle of the disaffected Arab world is essential to our security, and Iraq is part of that, but not nearly all of it. He says what Bush is too stupid to say and Kerry is too scared to say. To really win a war on terror, we have to win over the Arab world with soft weapons, regimes of trade and education and literacy that will lessen the disaffection of Muslim youths in the Arab world.

He's been on vacation for a few months, and obviously he's been working on his fastball. Because he is hitting all the spots while throwing at Bush and Cheney for concentrating their "war on terror" with the war against Iraq. Check it:

U.S. energy policy today is in support of terrorism - not the war on terrorism.
Our own No Child Left Behind program has not been fully financed because the tax revenue is not there. But thanks to the Bush-Cheney energy policy, No Mullah Left Behind has been fully financed and is now the gift that keeps on giving: terrorism.
We need a much more comprehensive approach, particularly if we fail in Iraq. The Bush team does not offer one. It has treated the Arab-Israeli issue with benign neglect, failed to find any way to communicate with the Arab world and adopted an energy policy that is supporting the worst Arab oil regimes and the worst trends.
Ahhh that is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks, Tom. Good to have you back.

Shout out to silenced Festivuseer, Jose Petrol for pointing this out to me again.

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