The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, October 13, 2004
More Smoking Guns
Didn't get quite enough Smoking Gun goodness yesterday? Feel like an hour-long schadenfreude binge? The breaking sexual harassment suit being brought against Faux News talking head Bill O'Reilly should get the job done.

I should say, of all the commentators on Der Stuermer: Now In Color!, I find O'Reilly to be the least objectionable. I actually like the guy. Sure, he's a creep, deep down he's every bit as biased as a goon like Sean Hannity, and you can easily catch him lying through his teeth defending a right-wing position. But at the heart of it, he understands that his role is to be sensational and to give his opnion, not to tell you how to think. He's never balanced, but occasionally he can be downright fair. And that he focuses alot of his energy looking out for children's best interests is admirable, his ridiculous demonization of Ludacris aside.

Still, it should be fun watching the cretins at Faux News spin this...
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