The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, October 14, 2004
Mary, Mary, Why Ya Buggin?
AofG reader Ted brought up John Kerry's reference to Mary Cheney's homosexuality in last night's debate in a Comment to today's debate post. Here are my thoughts. Today, the right is desperately trying to use their righteous indignation over Kerry's comment as a smokescreen for another Bush debate loss and to slow the Kerry momentum train, if only for just a bit. Kerry's words:
"I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was, she's being who she was born as.''
Now, was this an awkward way for Kerry to put things? Sure. I can already tell you what the "Saturday Night Live" skit is going to be for this one.

Was Kerry throwing it out there to a) score a point or b) get under Bush's skin a little bit? Yes on both counts.

Do I feel for Lynne Cheney, who now has to see her daughter turned into a political pawn in a heated election? A bit.

Is it totally fair game? Uh, yeah. Mary Cheney is a grown-up, she's head of Big Time's reelection campaign, so the dirty world of politics shouldn't exactly phase her. Plus, Bush is going back to the Compassionate Conservative well hard and his whole bullshit answer of not knowing if homosexuality is a choice is part and parcel of an attempt to seem just a little bit less evil to the gay community (of course he thinks it's a choice - he probably thinks the ingredients that lead to a Sapphic lifestyle are a mixture of Daytona Beach, plastic beads, and Joe Francis behind a video camera). Kerry's just trying to pull the curtain back on the wizard, albeit in a cringe-worthy fashion.

No, it angers the Cheneys because they're ashamed of the situation and they can't defend their position. The real indignation is over the fact that Kerry had the temerity to subtlely jab at the despicability of a Vice President who is willing to sell out his own daughter's rights in deference to the strict moralist idealogy that the Santorum camp is trying to push on the President and, in turn, the country. It leaves the Cheney family with no way of explaining how they support a President who seeks to put in place an amendment which, in its proposed form explicity discriminates against their daughter and deprives her of her rights and her dignity. Rather than agree to disagree with his boss, Cheney puts on the happy team-player face in order to show a unified front.

AMERICAblog has more, talk amongst yourselves.
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