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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Last Night in The Bronx

Just a magnificent experience. So, I'm sitting at my desk at around 6:30 last night considering whether to head up to Cozmo's for the game and I get a call from a buddy who has an extra ticket. I was lucky. Very lucky.

Just a phenomenal game. I've been fortunate enough to have attended a helluva lot of sporting events during my day, and last night is definitely up there in the top 5. Just a complete roller coaster experience. To start things off, we had the sheer excitement of the Bombers sticking it early and often to Curt Schilling – widely considered to be the best big game pitcher in baseball. With each hit, and each run, the energy level at the Stadium reached higher and higher levels. Just sheer bedlam. And then, the cheer of all cheers broke out, "Who's Your Daddy! Who's Your Daddy! Who's Your Daddy!" Fifty- thousand plus raining "Who's Your Daddy" down on a visibly dejected Red Sox team. Awesome stuff.

Then, while comfortably sitting on an 8-0 lead we have a couple more happenings to add to the drama. First, Mariano Rivera arrives at the Stadium (having completed his day long journey that started with burying his loved ones in Panama) and once again fifty-thousand plus are cheering in unison. This time, "Ma-ri-an-o! Ma-ri-an-o! Ma-ri-an-o!" Heartwarming stuff. A real Chill Moment. Next, you can sense the whispers throughout the Stadium – with no one really wanting to say anything explicitly lest they jinx it – that Mike Mussina is working on, not just a no-hitter, but a perfect friggin' game. Just an incredible amount of tension with each pitch. And with each strike three of his seven or so straight strikeouts an amazing roar from the crowd.

And then, just like that the perfect game was over. The tension gone. And then, the shut out. And then, before you could blink the tension was back. The Boys from Beantown were right back in it! The eight run lead sliced to one in an instant! All Bomber bravado aside, after Ortiz's triple (which closed the lead to one), you could sense the rest of the Stadium thinking that the Yanks, incredibly, just might lose this one. The tying run was on third base. All the momentum was in the Red Sox favor. Then, we hear Metallica's "Enter Sandman." Then, we see Mariano Rivera, The Grim Reaper. Then, we see a pop up and the Yanks have escaped the rally with their one-run lead intact. Major bullet dodged.

Bottom on the eighth and the Yanks sure could use some insurance runs. They get 'em. Each hit, each run, more bedlam. The fifty-thousand plus that were so quietly tense just moments ago are rocking and rolling again. Feels as if the Stadium is shaking. Seriously. But then the Red Sox come to bat in the ninth and it looks like they just might rally again. The tension is back. One man out and a couple of men on. The tying run at the plate. And here's the pitch. It's a ground ball back to Rivera. He scoops it up. Turns and throws to Jeter for one. Jeter over to Olerud. Double-play! Ball game! Thaaaa Yankees win! Thaaaaa Yankees win! Thaaaa Yankees win! ......Start Spreadin' The News.

All in all, a wonderful experience. Sports fan or not, anyone who was in Yankee Stadium last night will remember it for some time. Just an absolutely incredible game.

Update: Check out the SportsGuy's running diary of last night's game here. Excellent stuff.
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