The Airing of Grievances
Monday, October 18, 2004
Get Your Food On

It's that time of year again, time for the annual installment of the ubiquitous thin red bible of New York restaurants, the Zagat survey. Check out this hilariously biting interview with the Guide's own publisher, Charlie Suisman, courtesy of Manhattan User's Guide.

Steakhouses are closest (and most damaging) to my heart, according to this CNN article on this year's survey, Peter Luger and Sparks stand above the rest, ranked 6th and 26th most popular respectively. IMO, that's just kooky. Both have been going on reputation for years, without the quality to back it up. Frank's Top 3 Spots to Finish Off A Meatathalon?

1. Wolfgang's - opened earlier this year by the former head waiter at Peter Luger, best decor, best service, best steak. They outdo their inspiration, the daddy of New York steakhouses, in every respect.
2. The Old Homestead - consistently outstanding, the best creamed spinach in the city.
3. Keens - a true Old New York experience, a massive wine list and thickly-sliced Porterhouse goodness. Cozmo has been known to take the T-bone in his bare hands and clean it off at the end of a Keens meal. Actually, he does that at any of the above spots.

Back to the Zagat Guide, here are two frequent users:

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