The Airing of Grievances
Friday, October 08, 2004
France Is Pissed...Again
How DARE the Duelfer tell the world what everybody already knew - that French and Russian interests allowed Saddam Hussein to launder money to finance his ...(ahem) military build-up (ahem)... during the UN's "Oil for Food (Guns & Palaces)" Program. This outing of open secrets Les Grenouilles will not take lying down! They have filed a formal protest. I heard that a white glove and powdered wig were involved as well.

France's main complaint? That not enough evidence was presented linking the friends of Chirac implicated in Duelfer's report. I guess Duelfer didn't include this evidence in his papers:

If he did, those cheese eating surrender monkeys wouldn't have jack to fall back on.
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