The Airing of Grievances
Saturday, October 30, 2004
Al Qaeda for Kerry
So aparently, Bin Laden has joined Cozmo, The New York Times and The Economist in pulling for Kerry - or so says Der Sturmer.

Sounding remarkably calm and lucid for a homicdal terrorist maniac, Bin Ladin was on Al Jazeera yesterday via videotape saying that American security depends on the decision of the American people. Then he topped it off with, "Despite entering the fourth year after Sept. 11, Bush is still deceiving you and is hiding the truth from you and therefore the reasons are still there to repeat what happened." Sounds alot like Bin Laden has been reading the AofG. All kidding aside, I have a real bad feeling about all this.

Of course, Bush is psyched. It gives him a bully pulpit spread fear among the voting populous, especially in the swing states which have virtually no chance of being at the receiving end of Bin Laden's next possible attack.

Karl Rove, shame on us for doubting you.

You lied in wait while Bush flubbed his way through the debates, sounded like an idiot on the campaign trail talking about OB/GYN's practicing their "Love" with women. You waited patentily as the Iraqi explosive story broke. As Bush's support dematerialzed, you just grinned. All the while, you were biding your time until the Friday before the election. Then, as we sleep here in the US, "somebody" delivers this Bin Laden tape that shows him imploring the American people to not vote for Bush to be broadcast. All this on the 2nd to last full news day before the election. Just slimy, man, just slimy. Karl Rove, you are a true genius of campaign smear.

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