The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Wingnuttery at its "Finest"

Just came across this piece which essentially compares Dan Rather and CBS to suicide bombers.
The fact that CBS was willing to barter away what remained of its reputation in exchange for an opportunity to help the John Kerry campaign requires us to re-examine our assumptions about the mainstream media, just as the emergence of the suicide bomber required us to re-examine certain assumptions about security....

We now know that our richest and most powerful news organizations are willing to blow themselves up--to destroy their own credibility, once considered a news organization's most precious possession--to achieve a political goal. The landscape will never look quite the same again. Because, like suicide bombers, the mainstream news organs will go farther to achieve their political goals than we ever imagined.

(Well, actually, I do have one thing to say. A quick point to the horse's ass who wrote this. I'm pretty sure that Rather did not intend to kill his career so to speak when he released the memos. Didn't factor that in there did ya?)

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