The Airing of Grievances
Sunday, September 26, 2004
Verdict: Not Crazy
Someone had to write about it and, as usual, I didn't get to see it until the weekend. But after what Cozmo accurately described as the best episode ever, I just feel dirty after this week's "Apprentice". For those who missed it, Apex pariah Stacie J. got the axe, not for her performance on the task, but for her strange, alienating behavior in Episode 1. I won't go into too many episode details, because that's not what I want this post to be about. End of the day, the women would have won had they not gone over budget by 10%, because of a communication foul-up with a printer. The boardroom decision would seemingly come down to firing either the Project Manager or the person responsible for the overage. Right? Right? Of course not. The girl that nobody likes got fired. Makes sense to me.

Yes, she sometimes doesn't seem all there. Yes, she's probably not the best candidate. Yes, she needed to go at some point. But if you're going to stack her up against her teammates, I only see two (the Jennifers) who exceed Stacie J. in terms of general competence. The rest of Apex flat out sucks. "Little Stacy", as one of her teammates referred to her, is every loud, bitchy, stuck-up NYC girl I've ever met, rolled into one. No business person would ever take her seriously. Ivana is just plain useless. Sandy appears to have all the intelligence of a ceiling fan. Maria likes to assert herself, but can't wait to assign blame when things go pear-shaped. Elizabeth doesn't seem all that bad, but she had no idea what was going on in this week's task and did nothing to defend herself when she was on the firing line.

This post has been percolating after last week's episode, when Stacie J. got a raw deal, having her head put on the chopping block for what turned out to be yet another episode of Ivana's incompetence (you have to see the extended footage that ran last Saturday to understand). But I'm actually a little angry about what's going on with this show. After Episode 1, I wrote that Stacie J. is filling the role played by Omorosa last year. Omorosa, though, was a wench with a huge ego and a lack of people skills. From what I could see, Stacie J.'s only real flaw was acting strange in a tense situation. It's not what Trump would want to see from an executive, but I had no idea that her teammates would use it to throw her under the bus in such a calculated, subtly racist manner. After two seasons, the message being broadcast by NBC seems to be that black women are headcases who don't work well with others. This week, when one of their own deserved to go, the other women closed ranks and made sure that The One Who Is Different got canned.

The only saving grace was the "Well, we got what we wanted, why doesn't it feel better?" look plastered on all of their sour mugs afterwards.

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