The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, September 23, 2004
Shaq & MJ Together in South Beach?

Rumors are swirling that Michael Jordan has been participating in intense workouts with an eye towards joining Shaquille O' Neal and the Miami Heat. But, get this. According to the Miami Herald, Shaq wants none of it:

O'Neal told teammates that Jordan has left him several messages, and O'Neal was convinced Jordan wants to play for the Heat this year. O'Neal told teammates he was not interested in having Jordan join the Heat, and others agreed, the sources said. O'Neal even asked whether one of the players should go to management and express the desire not to add Jordan, one of the sources said.
Wow. Other than Dwyane Wade, the Heat have nothing but garbage to play alongside Shaq. At the very least, even at his advanced age, Jordan would provide another solid presence. I guess Shaq has had enough of the two-star system and wants the Heat to be all his. Be careful what you wish for big fella. As currently constructed, your Heat ain't gonna be that great. Trust me.

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