The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, September 09, 2004
On The Subject Of What Goes Around...
The right-wing reaction to the revisitation of the Bush-National Guard controversy has taken a turn for the hysterical. Have a look at this blog's case for the newly released documents being forgeries. I mean, check out this quote:
2) I also used a Variype machine in 1971. I fooled around with it in my spare time. It was incredibly difficult to set up and use. It was also extremely hard to correct mistakes on the machine. Most small letters used two spaces. Capital letters generally used three spaces. I think letters like "i" may have used one space. Anyway, you can see that this type of machine was piloted by an expert, and it would NEVER be used for a routine memo. A Lt. Colonel would not be able to identify a Varitype machine, let alone use it.
This is what it's come to, folks, arguing about the fonts and typewriters used to write 30-year old memos. Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan poses a sticky question: if these new documents are forgeries, why did the White House release them?

So here's where we stand: Bush has admitted to not wanting to go to Vietnam even though he supported the war, like many other rich kids, he probably used his position of privelege to get in to the Guard, he probably tried to use it to get out of the remainder of his commitment when he had better things to do, and he probably disobeyed direct orders to finish his commitment anyway and has been covering it up for the whole of his political life. You know what? I personally don't give a shit. His supporters still probably won't change their minds either. Maybe his credibility takes a hit, but the Kerry campaign should have been taking aim at that the whole time anyway, given how easy it is to catch the Bush administration in hypocrisy, doubletalk, and flip-flopping. Probably not, though. It is fun to watch, I'll say that. The Bush campaign has the Swift Boat Whores For Chimpy to thank for it.

UPDATE: So, it looks like the WH was only passing along what they got from CBS and the onus is on CBS and/or their sources to prove their legitimacy. That's cool. And, I had a look at the PDFs of the documents in question, available here. I have to say, something kinda smells about them.
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