The Airing of Grievances
Friday, September 17, 2004
Oh, Daddy
Josh Marshall has the TPM fastball hummin' today - he makes me laugh with his first post of the day and then just flat-out brings it with his second:
It's always possible to posit 'optimism' up until the point when the whole place actually erupts spontaneously into hellfire. But to any thinking individual it's clear and it's been clear for some time that our whole enterprise in Iraq is going extremely poorly, by pretty much every concievable measure.

And yet the president just says none of this is true. Things are going well. Yes, things are difficult, he says. But we're on the right track and things keep getting better. Dan Bartlett today said that Democrats are just showing their pessimism: "President Bush gets his briefings from commanders on the ground. He has reason for his optimism because of the enormous amount of progress we have made."

The president is simply in denial. Or he's willing to keep burning through the US Army and the Marine Corps to avoid admitting the failure of his policies or even the obvious fact that the situation in Iraq is deteriorating terribly.
Make no mistake, this war is Bush's fuckup, one of the biggest in American history. When your own advisors tell you that the rosiest outcome of your decisions is a tenuous balance between a quasi-"democratic" puppet regime and the insurgents who oppose them, you haven't done your job well. That Bush refuses to hold himself or his administration accountable makes me see about five different shades of red. It speaks to the complete ineptitude of the Kerry campaign, for their failure to strike a contrast and generate at least some appeal for their guy, that this race isn't a blow-out.
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