The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Notes From Fortress Mannahatta
This big town has become a ghost town.

You are reading the blog one of the few Manhattan residents still residing in Manhattan this week. All my friends are either out of town or MIA. Mrs. Cozmo is in East Hampton with Puppy Cozmo. Frank is in California. Chemical Al is scared to leave his apartment for fear of missing a fantasy draft. Jose McProtest is holed up in a love shack downtown.

Lots of bad karma in the city this week. Security is outrageously tight, but I guess that is a good thing. As I look out my window now, I can hear two helicopters and I can see a Fuji blimp that has been commandeered by the NYPD. The Yanks got drilled last night at the stadium.

And the only people left are carpetbagger politicians, Jebus Freak prostelatizing delegates like Elizabeth Dole (memo to Liz: Quoting Jesus claiming the mantle of the Messiah is not a strong argument for religious freedom), the Causeheads from PCU and Yours Truly, Cozmo.

Frankly, I don't know who I despise more... The crappy deligates of the party I used to believe in?

Rudy or John McCain for selling out? Numero Uno Arnold? Or the brutally stinky unwashed mass of protesters? Thank god every single one of them is no where near the Upper East Side.

To read the newspaper, it would seem that things have gotten more ugly over the past few days (not that I have seen any of it). Protesters got out of hand Monday night because they were forced to opposite sides of the street by cops just trying to let control the crowd. And then you have this asshat. He attacks and beats a cop for no reason, and flees into the crowd, and is picked up the next day at another rally, WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES. Smooth move, Ex-Lax. Needless to say, the ACLU is frothed up over the past couple of days. I'm not quite sure how forcing people to one side of the street consitutes an agressive action by police - Hell, the same thing happens to me every time I go to Yankee Stadium - and I'm sure that everyone feels for the protesters who willfully broke the law by marching on MSG without a permit when they were forced to separate from the Deadly Zulu Drum Protesters. I feel terrible for the NYPD, and I can tell you that I am not optimistic for the next few days. I mean, really, Protester Guy... You have had your say already. We all get it, you think Bush is a bad guy and want him out of office. Do you know the best way to do that? Go home and vote. Until then, stop harrassing my cops and quit "fighting the man" on my tax dollars.

Honestly, (other than those that went to the August 29th rally and marched peacefuly), the only protesters I respect are some clowns staging counter-protests called Communists for Kerry. They are rejects from the College Republicans who dress up like famous Soviet and communist leaders (although they are missing a Mao) who try to blend in with the protesters and call Kerry's platform the "Red Deal" and compare him with Lenin. Are they insane? Clearly. Are thier attacks on Kerry unjustified? Totally. But at least they make me laugh.

There have been two saving graces in city this weekend. First is that there is NOONE around, and favorite hangouts like Otto and JG Melons are alot easier to get into sans the mobs of people normally there. The other is this weeks NY Times Magazine. David Brooks' call to arms to the GOP to embrace a progressive use of govenrment is facinating, but don't miss the profile on Susan Lindauer. She's an ultra liberal washington politico who would have secret meetings with conservative counter-terrorism organization ans pro-Arab charities by night, and she has been arrested on the charge of acting as an unlicenced government agent, but claims she was trying to backchannel to the Hussein Iraqi government. I am 99% sure she is out of her mind, but the 1% chance that she is not is what makes it a facinating read.

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