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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Giuliani Calls Out Kerry

The erstwhile Mayor of New York has essentially called (the supposed Red Sox-loving) John Kerry a phony. You see Kerry has been kow-towing to the Red Sox Nation by acting as if he is truly one of them. Remember this:
The idea of missing a Yankees-Red Sox series right before a convention week was not acceptable, so we changed the policy.
Unfortunately for Kerry, however, it's becoming increasingly clear that his knowledge of the Red Sox is about as extensive as Hilary Clinton's knowledge of the Yankees. When asked to name his favorite Red Sox player, Kerry said: "Manny Ortez." For those that do not know, there is no "Manny Ortez" on the Sox. There is a Manny Ramirez and a David Ortiz, but no Manny Ortez. When asked to name his favorite Red Sox of all-time, Kerry continued to bumble: "Ed Yost." Ummm, John-boy, Ed Yost never even played for the Red Sox.

When apprised of these comments, Giuliani exclaimed: "The one thing you cannot do is play politics with baseball …. I get very annoyed at politicians when they show up for a game, stick around for a while, then walk out ….Being with your team, following them even when they're not doing well – that's what makes a true fan."

Never thought I would say this, but here goes. Hear, friggin', hear, Rudy. I feel you.

(Sorry about the lack of linkage, but the The New York Post article from which this information was culled did not appear online).
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