The Airing of Grievances
Sunday, September 19, 2004
Don't Mess With Pedro's Hair
After all, he did just get it done.

Around this time last year, Tony Kornheiser wrote a piece in the Washington Post eloquently setting forth how fortunate Bostonians are to have a diva such as Pedro Martinez:
I know Pedro is a diva. I know he's as fragile as a Ming vase and as temperamental as a French ingenue. But he's also 97-27. And that makes him worth the worry. How great would it be to have a star athlete around here who's that great and that high strung!
Well, one year later and Pedro has not disappointed. He's still making a solid case to go down as the No. 1 diva in the history of Major League Baseball. Check out the latest courtesy of the New York Post:
On the eve of one of the biggest regular-season starts of his illustrious career, Boston's ace yesterday was distracted by being dubbed "The man NY loves to hate" by a headline in Friday's Post. Martinez, a three-time Cy Young Award winner, wanted answers and accountability yesterday on what he felt was an unnecessary personal shot. Thinking a reporter or columnist coined the term, Martinez searched a group of media members for the culprit. "Where is he?" Martinez asked. "He's hiding, huh, because he don't want to say it. "Who loves to hate me? Step up and say it."
Pedro's supposed ignorance concerning "who loves to hate me" is quite surprising in light of these answers he gave in a recent interview with the Post:
Q: What's the funniest thing a fan has said to you at Yankee Stadium?
A: Nothing funny. Everything is rude.

Q: When you go to New York, do you got out to dinner; what do you do in New York?
A: I don't tell you what I do in New York. Could be dangerous.
Hey Pedro, seems pretty clear that you know who doesn't like you – the entire city. So really, spare us (and The Post), this infantle "who hates me" stuff. It really is not fit for one of the greatest right-handers of all-times. Anyways, don't you have something better to do? Like beat up on a 70-year old man or something?

One more thing Pedro, I see the Yanks smacked up all over you today en route to an 11-1 trouncing of the Red Sox. Perhaps you woulda been better off preparing for the game rather than chasing down columnists at the Post. Just a thought. Ever have one?

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