The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Remember those infuriating books published in the early '90's . The ones that sold millions of copies getting single women with little or no self esteem to attempt to "get married as soon as possible." It was a pretty big business, and made single men friggin' insane with all the new "Rules" that women expected them to play by.

The evil wench author of those books, Ellen Fein, has been divorced by her husband of 16 years. It is because he is a psychotic shrew who reduced her entire life to a list of platitudes like "Make your man pursue you" or "Wives should treat their husbands like a client or customer they want to keep happy" or "Rules girls never get divorces" or this doozy "Never initiate sex with your husband."

No, it was because of her new and improved "gigantic teeth" provided to her by "Dentist to the Stars" Larry Rosenthal - or so she claims. Either way, the woman who made millions instructing lonely women on the rules to marital bliss couldn't be a fraud, could she?

Artist's Redering of Ms. Fein's New Teeth

I think that Ms. Fein should have spent a little more time researching her next book, The Rules For Pleasing Your Man Regardless of Your Gigantic Teeth. In the mean time, maybe she should dust off her old books again.

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