The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Tuesday Afternoon Back-and-Forth
ESPN Page 2 has a very good running discussion between The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, and pop culture scribe Chuck Klosterman. The meeting between these two minds represents a Lakers-Celtics-esque matchup of two of the best Gen X'er journalists out there and plays up two contrasting, yet equally appealing styles - both are sports, movie, music, and all-around pop culture junkies. Simmons is, IMO, the most well-versed NBA writer around, far exceeds Klosterman's grasp when it comes to discussing sports, and writes in a more snarky, sarcastic manner. Klosterman, on the other hand, makes Simmons look like a child (or at least a 30-something white guy with a crappy CD collection) when music is the subject and is more erudite and witty. He also used to write for the Akron Beacon Journal, so he's a sentimental favorite of mine.

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