The Airing of Grievances
Friday, August 13, 2004
McGreevey - Picking Up The Pieces

Tabloid fodder today in the Northeast Corridor aside, there have been some good articles in NYC and NJ papers about the whole McGreevey incident, which is pretty facinating. The NY Daily News opens with the tawdry "The Gov & His Love". The Philly Daily News, in a typical philly move, offered only the one word grunt, "Out". Der Sturmer simply and tastefully states: "I'm Out" (dpn't worry, conseervative agendas at the end of its editorals).

Also, the speech itself is worth writing about. It was remarkable. He used words such as "tortured", "confused", and "proud". I don't think I've seen anything quite like it. Other highlights inlculde:
This, the 47th year of my life, is arguably too late to have this discussion,
but it is here, and it is now.

I am required ... to do what is right to correct the consequences of my actions

Set aside the irreparable damage he will have done his wife (who is the real victim in all of this), children and the rest of his family. McGreevey never looked more like a competant chief executive than he did yesterday. McGreevey's booby prize for such a "courageous" move? Well, his name will become a verb, and he'll get an all expenses paid trip to beautiful, sub-tropical Woodbridge, NJ (otherwise known as Staten Island West).

As far as the political and moral reprecussions of this story, I think the NY Times handled it with the most grace and offered thoughtful commentary. Check it. The big issue here is not so much the homosexual relationship as it is the cover-up and the political patronage which it was endowed.

The underrated and always reliabile Star Ledger gives a good account of Golen Cipel - the other man, where and how they met and where, and the bizzare history of the porfessional part of their relationships. In an astonishing bit of foreshadowing, check out the follwoing quotes:

In an interview, McGreevey would later call Cipel "bright and tough, not a yes

That McGreevey continued to come to Cipel's aid troubled some of the governor's aides. One, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Star-Ledger in October 2002: "This is a joke, right? It never seems to stop. You've got to just cut your losses and that's it. He just keeps an issue alive that shouldn't be alive."

For our "non-traditional male" readership, the NY Times has an articleon the lawsuit with a picture of Cipel. Here is another from the Daily News. Now, Cozmo is not gay, but this guy certainly seems like he was no Billy Carl Hanson. I wonder if Bruno of FunkyZeit would think that Cipel is in a Ya! Ya! or a Nisht! Nisht!. This is one straight dude voting for Nisht! Nisht!

In closing, I will let the Times take us out:
Mr. McGreevey's governorship has, in a way, been similar to his dramatic
performance yesterday. His goals were noble, and some of his accomplishments
laudable - like the millionaire's tax he pushed through as a partial solution to
the problem of the state's huge deficit, and his efforts to protect critically
important watershed areas. But the story has always been marred by ethical
questions swirling around his office.

PS, I can't wait to see how Karl Rove spins this into a dig that all Democrats are in some way "bent," but you can count on it.

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