The Airing of Grievances
Friday, August 20, 2004
It's So On
Regular AofG readers have probably noticed that I'm not a huge Drudge Report fan - Matt's headline tonight, though, is spot-on - the Empire (what Drudge calls the liberal media) is starting to Strike Back. It's about time. To wit:

- In one article, the New York Times completely dismantles the Swift Boat Whores' book and ad campaign and leaves them only with the rather irrelevant argument of when Kerry may have been in Cambodia and their truly legitimate beef with his anti-war stances after coming home from Vietnam. Sorry guys, it was fun, but you're somewhere between minutes fourteen and fifteen.
- Chris Matthews has gone from GOP waterboy during the Democatic National Convention to dreamy stud with his recent smack-downs of Bush campaign strategist Matthew Dowd (transcript here - scroll towards the end) and The Completely Insane Michelle Malkin. Do yourself a favor and watch this clip - see you next Tuesday, Michelle.

It's starting to feel like the media is actually opening its eyes and growing a pair, after a three and a half year hibernation. Welcome back...
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