The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Finally, A Concise, Understandable Platform
The Onion proposes a new Kerry campaign promise - the one point plan for a better America. The platform can summed up in two words:

Seriously though, things are bad when The Onion is making more sense than Karl Rove's vultures. The "Swift Boat Verterans for Truth", a thinly vieled Bush campaign vehicle, has claimed that John Kerry lied about his Vietnam service and about his Silver Star applications. These guys make me want to stand up and shout. I mean, if you actually beileve this shit, you whould be locked up. Last time I checked, the Navy doesn't just GIVE out Silver Stars. It is the third highest award anyone in the Navy can recieve, after the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross. No, the military does not just heap out Silver Stars like it does Purple Hearts. There is an investigation by an outside committee and then it has to be approved by many senior ranking officials, including at least one Admiral. If Kerry was lying about the particulars of the situation at the time, there is no way they would not have just awarded him a Bronze Star to avoid future scrutiny, if they awarded him anything at all. The fact that ANYBODY gives this obvious smear campaign any credence makes me want to Stand Up and Shout! Oh yeah, the clown who wrote the circular-file fodder book for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is a bigot. Big shock.

We have all seen how brutally effective Rove's smear campaigns have been in the past (re: John McCain in [EDIT] SC), but the backstabbing seems to be backfiring on Rove this time. As the skeleton hunting continues, here is an article showing George Bush cheating at rugby in the Yale yearbook (He's lucky I wasn't on the field for the opposing squad. He may not have made if off in one piece after this move). Also, apparently, Lynne Cheney was into selling sex back in the 1970's - pulp sex, that is. Check out this descripting of the book from an LA Times Article today:
Throughout its pages are fornication (the heroine with her late sister's husband), incest (half brother knocks up half sister), adultery (the heroine, with her first husband's friend), contraception (by the wed and the unwed) and lesbian couplings (the heroine's sister and an older woman). And incidentally, lynchings, dogicide, cattle theft and robber-baronism.

Sounds like very wholesome, family values type of stuff. Oh yeah, she was head of the supposedly evil NEH at the time. She must have been infected by the vast liberal conspiracy when she was writing Sisters.

I don't think this is the end of the comeuppance for the Bush camp. Well Karl, you should have read your Bible more instead of thumping it. "Cast ye not the first stone..."

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