The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Which Political Party Are You?
Thanks to Paula for this one. I am, somehow, most closely affiliated with the Green Party, here are my complete results:
1) Green Party 64%
2) Libertarian Party 57%
3) Democratic Party 50%
4) Republican Party 43%
5) Natural Law Party 43%
6) Reform Party 43%
7) Constitution Party 36%
Doesn't quite make sense (the 2nd place Libertarian Party does), given my views on fiscal policy and the role of government. I think much of the incongruity derives from the generalities and simplicity of the questions. For example, I chose "Increase" for federal law enforcement agencies. I don't think we should necessarily increase the number of agencies, just the funding, especially given the current environment. According to the survey, that probably makes me a spend-thrift, big-government leftie. In my mind, it makes me hawkish on domestic security. Go figure.

This would have probably been better timed when AofG was getting started, but in case you haven't figured it out by now, here's the lowdown on your friend Frank:

- Social lifestyle issues: Way left. Doing bong hits with your newly legalized prostitute before popping in to a gay civil union/marriage would raise neither of my eyebrows. Clearly, I'm a huge fan of the current administration's attempts to build a theocracy.
- Social hot button issues: Moderate/Left. Pro-choice, relatively pro-death penalty (non-Texas version), neutral-affirmative action, pro-stem cells, anti-guns.
- Economy: Balanced budgets, moderate taxes (read Clinton's speech for a good idea of how I feel about the Bush tax cuts), free trade
- Role of government: Moderate/Right. Strong believer in a limited role for the federal government and the dissemination of power to the states. Also a strong believer in striking a balance when the platform for governing on the state, local or personal level is unrealistic.
- War on Terror: War of Ideas. Intelligently policing the homeland and playing carrot and stick with "allies" like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? Good. Pre-emptively bombing the hell out of un-threats? Bad.
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