The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Ch-Ch-Check It Out
One of my favorite blogs right now is Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish. Sullivan is a fair, thoughtful conservative, a man who has no time for the mudslinging and negativity that comes from Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, et.al. In contrast, he frames his thoughts so well that, as one of his readers puts it, "Even when I disagree with one of your positions, your reasons and comments made sense ... I'm a Democrat, but a more conservative one for having read you." The reason I look to Sullivan for better understanding of the conservative viewpoint is that he practices exactly what, in theory, he is supposed to be preaching. He has become increasingly distressed by the intrusiveness of the federal government, the bloating of fiscal deficits brought on by profligate spending and transitory tax cuts, and the overall failure of any administration official to exhibit any semblance of accountability or responsibility for bad behavior.

Oh yeah, Sullivan is also gay and HIV-positive. As the marriage debate unfolds, the above-mentioned anti-conservative tendencies of the GOP and the Bush administration worsen, and attempts to write discrimination in to the Constitution continue, his blog has been a fascinating chronicle of someone slowly coming to the realization that they have been sold a false bill of goods. He has had little but positive things to say about the Democratic National Convention thus far and, while an endorsement of Kerry would probably be a longshot, my bet is that he sits this election out.
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