The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Tour De Force and An AofG Upgrade
As Cozmo noted, yesterday was the most prolific day in AofG's short history, an outpouring of material spurred by an abysmally slow work day. But we weren't the only ones bringing you the good stuff, Dave Pell at Electablog had his fastball hitting all the corners, particularly on these two items:

- A hilarious satire of what you can expect from the more right-leaning media outlets in reviewing Clinton's new book. [My review so far: Heavy. Literally, very heavy. I've got two other books ahead of it in the queue and haven't read a page yet.]
- The perfect companion piece to my too-brief post on Michael Moore from yesterday.

Let's see, it's 10am and I'm already bored. I smell another big day brewing. Oh yeah, you can now correspond with your hosts here at AofG. Drop us a line at festivus1223@yahoo.com with any questions, fawning fan mail, complaints or submissions.
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