The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Stop Me Before I Lie Again!
Dick says one thing.

Two days later, a bipartisan commission says the opposite.

Dick don't know dick.

But then, when the lie is this big, you're knee deep in the shit, and when you're preaching to a choir of automatons, I guess it's pretty easy to lose track of reality.

(Thanks to Big Willie Style for doing all the legwork for me on an extremely hectic day)

Leave it to the right-leaning elements of the media to gloss over an embarrassing blow to the neo-con platform. Here are a sampling of lead headlines:

Fox News: "'Your Country Is Proud of You'" (story about a GWB speech to our armed forces that no other major media source is covering)
Drudge Report: "Dan Rather Gives Clinton Book 'Five Stars'" (damn that liberal media!! Bill Clinton couldn't have possibly written a good book)
WorldNetDaily: "Beelzebub To Make Televised Appeal For Increased Gay Marriage" (OK, not really - but the actual headline isn't any more relevant)
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