The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Poll Dancing
So, during my self-imposed hiatus (during which I, ironically enough, saw a Phish show), a couple of polls were released:

Harris Poll - "Hey, good thing for Bush that Reagan died, his numbers finally seem to be improving!"

ABC News/Washington Post - "Hey, good thing for Kerry that Reagan died; Bush, by comparison, looks like even more of an inarticulate boob!"

Of course, you always have ol' reliable, the daily Rasmussen Tracking Poll - "Huh? Reagan died?"

But don't forget the AofG-I-Took-A-Few-Days-Off-From-Ranting-And-Raving-Because-Frankly-I'm-Becoming-More-Bitter-And-Disillusioned-Than-A-Gainfully-Employed-White-Guy-Is-Supposed-To-Be Sentiment Index: 100% of respondents are becoming restless for the conventions and debates to start.
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