The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, June 09, 2004
J-Lo's Bangin' Booty

OK. J-Lo cheesecake shots are not the real reason for this post. Our google-supported blog-spot ads never cease to amaze me. It started back when Frank linked to an article about Rush Limbaugh being a slanderer. Now, since he linked to the Christian Exodus page, we have Pat Buchannan and Faith-Based Initiatives up there.

Consider this AofG's first google based internet experiment. I'm pretty sure that the ads driver either runs on post titles of the content of the page we link to and how many people follow it (I'm guessing the latter is the more likely option) So, let's try this. Everyone on this page over the next day, please follow the folloing humorous J-Lo Booty Links.

Link to J-Lo Information HERE, HERE, and HERE. (All links work-friendly.) (Also, the MIDI file on the first one amazes me. Who has the time to program something like that into his computer.)

I want this to change our Blog Spot ads for good. Make a difference now. Don't do it for J-Lo's booty. Do it for science.
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