The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, June 29, 2004
"I Stand By My Racial Slur! Do Your Worst, You Filthy, Pretentious Savages!"

I'll admit, I like France. In the half dozen times I've been there, I've always found the food and wine exquisite, the environment picturesque, and the museums informative. Hell, even the people are OK, provided you make a little effort to rise above the rank of tourist rube. Sure, there's dog shit all over the sidewalk and everybody secretly hates you, but Paris is still in my top 5 of world cities.

I even thought, way back in 2003, that we would have been well served to heed de Villepin and Chirac's requests to cool our jets a bit in the run-up to the Iraq War. Many made the argument that the French didn't want us going in there and seeing how well they had supplied Saddam over the years. But that argument doesn't really hold much water, now does it?

However, let's not confuse Old World charm and a rare streak of temperance with the cynical nihilism of modern French foreign policy. They make our shady, ham-fisted efforts in Iraq seem downright Quixotic by comparison.

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French-bashing really never gets old, does it? Here's a hilarious beatdown from those heady pre-Iraq War days.
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