The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, June 17, 2004
Have Corpse, Will Exploit
President Reagan's body has been in the ground less than a week, but that ain't long enough to keep the professional necrophiliacs at bay. Charles Colson, William Clark and the WorldNetDaily have absolutely no shame, as they make the claim that Reagan would not have supported his own wife's current calls for President Bush to relax his opposition to federal funding of stem-cell research. To advance his agenda, Colson cites a 16-year old executive order, drafted by Reagan before he was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease and before much of the research currently being debated was medically possible, calling for a continued moratorium on federal funding for certain types of fetal experimentation. WorldNet also relies on the insistence of former National Security Advisor and close Reagan friend William Clark that there's no way Reagan would want try to find a cure for his own disease:
Writing recently in the New York Times, he said, "After the charter expired for the Departments of Health, Education and Welfare’s ethical advisory board – which in the 1970s supported destructive research on human embryos – [Reagan] began a de facto ban on federal financing of embryo research that he held to throughout his presidency."

The presidential adviser also noted Reagan, in his 1993 speech known for it's "evil empire" reference, "spoke strongly against the denegration of innocent human life."

"And [Reagan] favored bills in Congress that would have given every human being – at all stages of development – protection as a person under the 14th Amendment," Clark said.
One important thing to remember: Chuck Colson is a loony, convicted felon.
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