The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Some Good Ole' Kerry Bashing
I just looked at the Yahoo News website and here are the 5 top headlines:

- Killers say beheading avenges prison abuse
- Officials clash on blame for Iraq abuse
- Controversial General tied to POW Case
- Kerry: Health care system needs reforming
- Netherlands considers withdawing from Iraq

Ok, the world is coming down around the Bush administration. This prison abuse business gets worse for the administration as well as the current troops and civilians in Iraq on a daily basis. It turns out that the psycho evangelical Christian Will Boykin is a mastermind of interrogation. The feeble "coalition of the willing" is willing itself our of Iraq faster than Ray Lewis jetting from a strip club parking lot...and all the Kerry campaign can come up with is Medicare reform. Are you kidding me? Nothing on international policy? Nothing on the security of our troops? Nothing sexier than health care? You are killing me, Kerry! Say something, damnit, or I am gonna vote Libertarian!

I've never seen a more brain-dead campaign. I'm pretty sure that Lloyd Christmas is running the ship at Kerry HQ these days.

PS What does William Boykin have to do to get fired? Start grabbin' asses in a Senate hearing? The guy is on record saying that he basically believes he is Richard Cour Leon reincarnate and that he is crusading to rid the world of infidels. This is the guy you officially consult about interrogation in Iraq? THIS IS THE GUY? More savvy staffing by Rummy's Pentagon.

PSS - Speaking of asses, I wanted to make sure you all had the perma-link to Kylie!!!
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