The Airing of Grievances
Friday, May 07, 2004
Quick Thoughts on Rumsfeld
It was a pretty busy day, so I only listened for about 30 minutes. I tuned in just as John McCain was finishing up the process of making Rumsfeld his woman.

- On that note, could I possibly like McCain any more? I realize ideologically that we see the world differently on a wide variety of issues, but being honest, straightforward, and acting like you actually give a damn goes a long way with me. That he hates Bush and Rove is icing on the cake.
- Conversations between Robert Byrd and the late Strom Thurmond must have sounded like episodes of "Hee Haw".
- TPM has a transcript and talks about Lieberman, I have only this to add: Lieberman's statement served no purpose other than to feed his own ego. He wasn't really sticking up for Rumsfeld, he obviously wasn't going the partisan route and castigating Rumsfeld, he clearly didn't care enough about what happened at Abu Ghraib to spend more time asking questions and less time pontificating. He was making a quasi-campaign speech in the middle of a Congressional hearing. It benifitted no one except Joe Lieberman. Despicable. He can take his Joementum and Joeblow me.
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