The Airing of Grievances
Monday, May 03, 2004
The Phormer Phillie Phanatic

In case he didn't quite solidify the impression during his playing days, John Kruk is still nucking futs. His Page 2 column reads as though it was written in the Mad Libs-style so essential to the useless pontification of ex-athlete columnists.

"How many of you thought the _____________ (surprise April team) would be in first place in the __________ (league) __________ (division)?"

You can only imagine where it goes from there. Anecdotes on teammate camraderie, the impact of the new guy, high praise for the GM who put these rag-tag misfits together, you get the idea. What passes for sports journalism these days borders on the absurd. But, at least we have the piss-and-vinegar musings of Phil Mushnick to soothe our souls.

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