The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Morning Wood
- The WaPo with a must-read on the Abu Ghraib disaster. Daily Kos cuts through some of the spin. With more than 30 investigations in the last 16 months, this would appear to be a bit more widespread than those in our gub'ment are willing to admit. AofG wonders, Is the Rove Administration so politically cynical and election-conscious as to hold no senior official truly accountable in the face of such incompetence? And I don't mean for just this most recent atrocity, but at any time during this whole 3 year failed science experiment? (Potential science fair title: Can A Sub-Simian Species Run The World?). Why has no one except the completely innocuous Paul O'Neill been fired?

- Safire gives Ariel Sharon a nice backrub. "It'll all be OK, big fella..."

- Apparently, some rodents are born with no balls.

- I'll say this once, and then I'll shut up until late August: Did you really think they were in trouble?
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