The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, May 27, 2004
I Have To Laugh Once In A While
Despite its right wing-favoring selective presentation of articles and links, I check out the Drudge Report probably more often than I should. Let's face it, if it's scandalous bordering on ridiculous, Drudge usually is among the first to have a beat on it. Recently, he's put a strange amount of effort in to painting those who believe the upcoming enviro-horror movie "The Day After Tomorrow" has lessons for us on the perils of global warming in as bad a light as possible. That's cool, he has his perspective and I'm not going to get on a stump about the environment (even though global warming is the one environmental hazard we've been warned about that has some pretty compelling evidence behind it). But one of Drudge's headlines in this recent campaign just cracks me up: "National Geographic: DAY AFTER TOMORROW Ice Age 'Impossible,' Expert Says". Wow, an expert believes that what happens in a work of fiction is impossible. Quite a scoop, Matt...
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