The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
I Hate CNN
On CNN's front page right now, next to the non-earthshaking main headline "Bush: Prison abuse 'abhorrent'" (only sadists would not find prison abuse abhorrent), are eight secondary headlines. Here are five of them:

• News chopper crashes in Brooklyn

• Dixie Chick gives birth to twins

• SI.com: Spider-Man 2 ads going on Major League bases

• Woman buys 10,000 Mars bars, drives off in limo

• Musketeers' skeletons said to lie under Dutch garden

Umm, aren't you supposed to be a real news source? Aren't there a few more important things to be covering right now? Isn't this about the time that real journalists would be devoting their headlines to articles that try to get to the bottom of Abu Ghraib or cover today's assault on Karbala or discuss the repurcussions of yesterday's Fed meeting? No one died in the chopper crash, the Dixie Chicks suck, baseball is filled with whores, the Pommies lurve the sweets, and nobody cares about Dutch skeletons. None of this crap is news!!!

Anyone who still thinks that CNN is a biased member of the So-Called Liberal Media should really watch them sometime. The liberal media is currently nailing the collective ass of the Bush administration to the wall, CNN is all over trampy country singers and helicopters that crashed almost 24 hours ago. And I'm starting to think Wolf Blitzer is on the RNC payroll.
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